Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I recently renewed my love for these cookies, which are not available in my area. I used to eat these in college on occasion. The 500 calories per cookie may or may not be responsible for the freshman 15 or 20 that I gained. I always seemed to crave them on Sundays as I walked past the vending machines on my way to church in the Smith Fieldhouse. I wondered if it would be considered breaking the Sabbath if I bought one from said vending machines after church, but I think they actually turned the vending machines off on Sundays at BYU. Anyways, I am glad that they make them in smaller sizes now, so I won't feel like such a pig when I eat 3 or 4 of them in one sitting. Somehow, eating a smaller cookie in greater quantities seems less indulgent than eating one of these big babies!


P.S. Granny B.- You have got to get a better picture of your signature cookie on your website! Fuzzy, very fuzzy. If you are the home of The Original Pink Cookie, don't you think you would rather highlight those gorgeous pink cookies instead of those pumpkin chocolate chippers or snickerdoodles??!! Come on!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cookie Table??!!

Where has this been all my life??!! I can't believe I have lived my whole life to this point not knowing about this. I grew up in New Jersey for crying out loud, you'd think I would have known. More importantly, why hasn't this tradition spread like wildfire? It is the greatest...idea... ever. I am now obsessed with cookie tables. I have been reading everything I can about them, talking to people who have actually had cookie tables at their weddings, and am trying to get myself invited to a Pittsburgh wedding. I am plotting for the day when one of my children weds, to start this tradition. Does anyone know of an upcoming wedding in Pittsburgh that I can crash??