Friday, April 21, 2006

More Peanut Butter and Chocolate

Someone had requested this peanut butter pie recipe awhile back so I will post it here. It is originally from Mrs Fields' Great American Desserts, but I have made a few changes of my own. My kids call it Spider Web Pie. It is good because it requires no baking, and with the summer heat approaching, I am all for anything that doesn't heat up the house.

Peanut Butter Mud Pie
aka Spider Web Pie
1 pre-made chocolate crust (or you can make your own, but I don't know why you would)

1 1/2 cups heavy cream, chilled
12 ounces cream cheese, softened
3/4 cups sugar
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 T. vanilla

1 bag Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
1/4 bag of Hershey's mini kisses or regular size, melted

Whip cream, set aside. In separate bowl beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth and creamy. Scrape down bowl and add peanut butter and vanilla, beat until smooth. Gently fold in half the whipped cream, then the other half until well blended. Spoon filling into crust.

Next chop up half bag or so of Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and drop over the top of pie, completely covering it. Next pipe a bit of chocolate around and around the pie every which way until you have somewhat of a spider web. Cover and refigerate for about 2 hours or so.


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