Thursday, December 21, 2006

Creme Brulee French Toast

This is good for breakfast, sometimes I make it on Christmas morning. I have altered it a little using egg nog and it is even better, I think. I use half egg nog and half of the half and half plus 1 or 2 eggs and leave out the Grand Marnier( I usually don't have any on hand) but do add the vanilla. You can leave it over night to soak or just make it up and cook that morning and it works just fine. Grate a little fresh nutmeg on top if you like. Yum-o.

If you like egg nog, you should also try these. My friend, Megan made these last year for a cookie exchange and I thought they were amazing. The texture is perfect, soft and dense, full of egg nog flavor. I can't get enough of them! Go get yourself some egg nog.


Denise said...

Daniel will be thanking you many times over Jenni. I will make this on Saturday morning.

Lindsey said...

Okay, I'm having some trouble leaving comments lately. I type out what I want to say and it gets erased somehow!

I can't wait to try this creme brulee ft! It sounds so delicious. You know how much I love creme brulee.

And you can bet I'm buying egg nog at the store tomorrow so I can make those cookies!

Any chance your cute fam is coming down south a bit for a visit?

Lindsey said...

I'm making the creme brulee ft for breakfast tomorrow. I even have the grand marnier. (Like that should surprise anyone.) Yum. I can't wait!

Jenni said...

no surprise, lindsey the lush!

Lindsey said...


Thanks for another fabulous recipe! The CBFT turned out great. We ate half the pan in no time. I had to put it away so we'd have leftovers for tomorrow. Definitely YUM-O!!!

mae said...

Just took the bread out of the freezer that I bought at Christmas to try this recipe. It is delicous. It even got good reviews from the kids. I didn't have half and half so I just used heavy cream and it turned out great. Imagine that! Thanks for the inspiration to break out of the rut.