Monday, February 12, 2007


I have this little four year old who has the funniest things coming out of his mouth. It's just the age where they are repeating every little thing they hear. I have had to turn my head and laugh silently most of the time. I often make notes of what he's said on my calendar so I can remember to tell his Dad when he comes home from work. Before I throw last year's calendar away, I want to jot these things down here so I don't lose them for good. He's growing all too fast and pretty soon he'll start making sense and then it won't be so funny anymore.

-"I am not dealing with this right now, I'm dealing with you, Mom!"

-"Try these, they're lovely." (pocorn kernels)

-"I'd be delighted to."

-"Mo-om! I am trying to concentrate on my food!" (while I was using the too loud blender)

-"Did Soph have a go?"

-"Christian's not clever enough."

-"I'm just going to snuggle up."

-"How do you take your hot cocoa?"

-"That would be successful." (anything that is a good idea)

-"Are these biscuits? I want a biscuit."(said in your best British accent)

-"Now YOU cooperate!"(said in your best Mom voice)

-"This is the life!"(on getting into the tub)

-"Can I have butter on my doughnut?"**

-"Whoever wins is me, and whoever loses is you."

-"Mom, did you say that I could say 'it sucks'?"

-"When you lick the sugar it is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY goooood." (on eating grapefruit)

The Caesar closet= The cedar closet

The Celebration Army = The Salvation Army

-"Binga Binya-ah" = Viva Pinata

-"Stunkin' " = anything bad

-On the way to the doctor one day you said, with your monster truck in hand,"If anyone wants to play with my toy then I'll just use my karate skills on them." I say,"How about you just tell them nicely that you don't want anyone to play with your toy?" "No, I'll just use my karate skills on them." Well, we go to the doctor, we wait, you play, no kids are even in the waiting room. We get checked up, we go home. On the way home it suddenly dawns on you..."Awwwwwww, I didn't even get to use my karate skills...oh man!"

and this one is from his sister, age 7 on going to New York for a visit..."You know when you're so excited that you just want to stretch and put your teeth together??!!" Yes, I know the feeling.

**my personal favorite


love.boxes said...

Ohhhh. I am homesick for that guy in the Kipper suit. :(

Jodi said...

This reminded me of the conversation I had with my six year old the other day after I had made your delicious lemon chicken...
Mom: Noah, I wish you liked the chicken, it is so EASY to make.

Noah: But, Mom it is so HARD to eat.

Lindsey said...

Those are FABULOUS quotes! I love the Kipper quote and the donut quote the best, too. Butter on a donut. Now why didn't I think of that?

laura said...

Oh, we miss Max!

michelle said...

I love the stuff that comes out of little mouths, one of the reasons we had to have another, I couldn't stand that thought that no one would come up with this stuff anymore! Hey I made your yummy cookies and now I am wondering if anyone has ever tried the same method of frosting but with lemon heads?

Denise said...

These are awesome. Sometimes being a stay home mom feels so hard and unrewarding and then you get rewarded with these little snippets and you think...I am so glad I was here to hear that. I remember the day Max was born. My, how much changes in so short a time.

Shauna Hostetler said...

I totally LOVE and MISS Maxy Waxy!!! Wish we could snuggle up right NOW!!!!

Naner said...

Watch out! I think I am seriously getting in to the Blog thing! I actually got some posts up tonight!

daniel said...

max is wise. at the end of each day i'm a little sad that i didn't get to use my karate skills.

Jenn Stanworth said...

so, so cute! I especially loved, "Whoever wins is me and whoever loses is you." Classic.

mae said...

Thanks so much for the great laugh. Samuel announced during Sacrement Meeting on Sunday that his "penis tickles." It's a great age!

Mother Goose said...

side note... you know Ozzy Osborne?