Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Magic in the Middles

Try these. Soft, peanut butter center, chocolate cookie on the outside. It is almost like my favorite cookie, Peanut Butter Blossoms only inside out. The only change I made was to omit the peanut butter in the chocolate part. I wanted there to be more of a distinction between the chocolate and peanut butter. Delicious. Really serious cookie. They take a little time to make, so only make them for people you really love.

Image: kingarthurflour.com


liz said...


you always pop back into blog world RIGHT when I need a good project in the kitchen. tells you how often I bake ay. ;-)

acte gratuit said...

I really miss being your neighbor!!!

LisAway said...

I've made these before and I loved the idea, but I thought the cookie part wasn't chocolatey enough and didn't get adding the peanut butter in there. I've been meaning to try them again with a different cookie recipe, maybe with some chocolate shavings or something so they're extra chocolaty to balance out the peanut butter. Good, though. And they definitely have the presentation!

Jenni said...


You are right, not chocolatey enough, I am going to try to add some melted semisweet chocolate in next time and see how that works.

sonya d said...

those look delicious. The only person I love enough to make them for is myself, which is perfect because I will want to eat them all anyway.

kanishk said...

I loved the idea, but I thought the cookie

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