Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Swedish Chef

Do you remember him? I loved him. I looked forward to watching The Muppet Show every Sunday night(I think that is when it was on?) . He was my absolute favorite character. I think I thought I was somehow connected to him with my Swedish heritage and all. He was just so funny to watch and listen to. I thought I was so clever that I could imitate his accent. I think we need to see a revival of this character. I almost named my blog The Swedish Chef, but I am no chef and I thought it a bit presumptuous. Hogie Wogie was just so catchy, don't you think?


Erin said...

no, rename your blog to the swedish chef.

love.boxes said...

No, don't do that! I only had to be told Hogie Wogie once and I never remember names of things! :) You are a good chef though! :)

liz s said...

the sweedish chef! i remember him! he was awesome