Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

So, yesterday was my friend, Rebecca's birthday. I meant to wish her a Happy Birthday on the phone the day before, but forgot. And now it is the day after, so a very happy belated birthday to you. Last year Rebecca made the best cupcakes ever for me on my birthday. I took some home from the party to share with my family, but my husband and I polished them off. I thought to myself..."the kids will never know...I'll eat them before they wake up..." and that is just what I did. They are that good. I have made others since then, but they all pale in comparison. So, what I am trying to say is that I am a bad friend for not even wishing Rebecca a Happy Birthday on that exact day after she went to all the trouble to throw me a party, bake the most divine cupcakes ever, and give me this. Happy Birthday somewhere in are loved more than you will ever know.

P.S. Serve the cupcakes with this fluffy buttercream.


laura said...

i, too, forgot to call rebecca yesterday. i talked to her on monday and sent her a card so i hope she'll forgive me. i miss you and love you, rebecca!

and of course i miss & love you, jenni. it's sure rough getting through the afternoons w/o you hang out with.

connor's been talking about max today. apparently he can only have one friend, and that's max. and he has been pretending he has a little tiny dog and the dog's name is max. even when i had to pretend i was a dog, my name was max. he's slightly max obsessed.

lisapow said...

Ahh...I miss Rebecca too! Happy Birthday Rebecca

Rebecca said...

Oh, Jenni. And I almost got through the day without crying!!! I was thinking about those cupcakes the other day... it's been too long... I need to make batch. YUM YUM. Thanks for remembering my bday.

Lindsey said...

I made these on Sunday to give to Heather and Erin. I told them which recipe it was and they were so excited. I think it was the first time I made them. That really is the BEST recipe for cupcakes ever.