Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Haute Chocolate

I saw this in the local grocery store and had to try it because Vosges chocolates are so unique. I was not disappointed. I love the combination of chocolate and red hot chile. If you cannot find Vosges ice cream near you, Haagen Dazs makes a Mayan chocolate ice cream that is pretty good, but does not give you the burn at the back of your throat like Vosges. So, it's a good way to get your ice cream fix, even though summer is gone, you can still feel a little heat. If you are done with ice cream for the season, try some of these haute hot chocolate drinks: Jaqcues Torres Wicked Hot Chocolate and MarieBelle.


liz said...

vosges - got a box once from mike for v-day and iw will never forget it. amazing!

Design Mom said...

I was given a tin of MarieBelle hot chocolate once and I love it. I still have the tin. It's so pretty.