Saturday, March 31, 2007

April Fool's

My one April Fool's trick is this:

2 scoops of vanilla yogurt
2 peach halves or apricots (canned work well)

Place yogurt on a plate and flatten a bit to resemble the egg white. Place the peach or apricot cut side down on the yogurt. There you have 2 fried eggs, sunny side up. Easy. That is the extent of my excitement over this holiday. Of course no one in this house is fooled by it anymore, but they love it and request it every year.


mothergoose said...

That is hilarious! I want to do that tomorrow.

Lindsey said...

No rubber band on the sprayer so you get soaked when the water goes on?

No saran-wrapped toilet seats?

No switching the sugar and salt?

We don't do anything either. But that sounds like a very cute idea.

Jenni said...


All of those things would backfire on ME! My brother, the jokester of the family rubber banded the kitchen sprayer and it got ME. He switched the sugar and salt and my Mom made pancakes, he thought he was tricking his friends who would put sugar on their cereal the nexy morning, ooops!

love.boxes said...

That's a good one!

Shauna said...

From Kat Kat--
Aunt Jenni you are so smart...let's tell each other more pranks.

lisapow said...

So funny! I totally forgot about April Fools Day

Lisa said...

Cute idea! I despise sunny side up eggs, but these kind I could eat.

I'm going to try this next April.

One year before we were married I made some chocolate covered cotton balls to share around. Greg has never requested that I make them again.