Friday, January 26, 2007

The Edible Schoolyard

This is Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. I've been impressed with her efforts in The Edible Schoolyard.
I am glad that there are people like her, who see a need and make it happen.


Lindsey said...

Ah! I was just going to blog about her today, too. Did you see American Experience a few weeks ago? It was a previously broadcasted episode from 2003 (?) all about her life and how she started Chez Panisse and of course the Edible Schoolyard. I, too, am so impressed with her. She's one of my new favorite people. And if I ever make it to Berkeley.....I'm gonna eat at CP for sure.

love.boxes said...

What a wonderful story and how true it is that gardening can make most people more civil. It is just sad to me though how much this shows that as a society we are seem incapable of raising our own children and seem to put increasing pressure on schools to teach values that should be learned at home. What this woman is doing is desparately needed, but it is so sad that kids don't have the experiences she talks about with their own parents.