Thursday, April 12, 2007

Grace - Part 2

You need to click on this and check out this fall. It made me feel less clumsy to see that even people who get paid to walk, still have a little trouble sometimes, okay, a lot of trouble in her case. And to see my runway debut, click here.


Pineapple Snow said...

Very cute!!! Nice dresses!

love.boxes said...

I've got to go over and comment on Shauna's cute post, my blogging was interupted yesterday by a very anxious computer user. You look so cute Jenni! I see some S in that picture and quite a bit of #3 as well. So cute!

mae said...

Jenni, I had no idea you were such a fashionista. There is nothing like the 80's. I just want to ask that other model where I can score some of those sweet shoes.